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Blue Skies

About Us

The I-85 Church of Christ is a congregation located in Greenville, SC that stands on the truth and showers people with love. We are a body of believers who are passionate about spreading the gospel and sharing the love of Christ with others. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where people can grow in their faith and connect with others who share their beliefs. At the I-85 Church of Christ, we have a leadership team who are committed to serving the needs of our congregation. They are passionate about ministry and work tirelessly to help our members grow in their faith. Our leadership team consists of:

Our Minister
Brother Albert  Scurry_edited_edited.jpg
Albert Scurry
Our Elders
Charles Austin
Charles Redmond
Willie Seawright
Our Deacons
John Austin
Clarence Brown
David Jackson
Stacy Davis
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